Los Angeles Rams Ticket Experiment

I’ve wanted season tickets for a professional sports team since I was a kid. It always seemed so cool to hear people say they had season tickets. I’ve got hookup to get Dodgers’ tickets for free, so there’s no point in buying season tickets there. The Lakers have a multi-year long waiting list for season tickets, so that wasn’t an option, and the Clippers… well they’re the Clippers, not really my cup of tea.  That left the Kings as the last professional sports team in LA I could get season tickets for. At least it was until few months ago. Back near the beginning of 2016 the St. Louis Rams decided to relocate to LA. I knew right away I wanted to buy season tickets.

This was before I started the blog and really got serious about saving up money. So when the Rams announced their season ticket purchase process, I put in my $100 refundable deposit and began to wait until it was my turn to select seats. Since I started the blog, I’ve been debating whether or not I’d actually follow through with buying tickets, or if I should request a refund on my deposit and stash it into savings.  Well, last week my ticket purchase window opened, so I had to make a decision.

After looking through the available tickets during my window, there wasn’t much that was left. The only seats I could choose from were in the corners of the stadium, in the upper deck.  There were a few different price tiers available in these sections, with the cheapest seats being $350 a piece, and the most expensive being around $650 a piece. I’ve been to many USC games at the Coliseum so I know there isn’t a big difference between those two sets of seats. Certainly the $650 ones were better, but not enough to justify almost doubling the price. After evaluating my options, I decided that if I were to purchase tickets, they would be the $350 ones.

I’d gotten some money for my birthday, and I’ve been saving a decent amount of money from March through June (March & April Update, May Update, June Update), so I felt flush enough to cover the cost of tickets if I wanted them. Since coming up with the money wasn’t really an issue, I needed to decide how much I wanted the tickets.

Football is far and away my favorite sport to watch. I love both college and pro football, and I can discuss and debate fantasy football non-stop. I know this will be a special season for the Rams, since it is their first one back in LA. I really wanted to be there for the home opener against the Seahawks, I think the atmosphere will be incredible. Also, while the Rams are playing in the Coliseum, there is no Personal Seat License requirement. When the new stadium in Inglewood opens in a few years, you have to shell out thousands upon thousands of dollars in order to buy season tickets. Certainly a lot different from $350.  This may be the one time I can get season tickets without having to buy a PSL.

However, I had just started to really focus on trying to save money. Buying tickets certainly flew right in the face of that. I could watch all of the games at home on my big screen TV for no additional cost, whereas buying tickets also meant concessions, parking, merchandise etc.  Certainly the frugal option would be to forgo buying the tickets.  I pretty much had 2 options.

Option number 1 – buy two season tickets for $700 for my girlfriend and me. Option number 2 – request a refund of my $100 deposit. So what did I decide to do?

I took option number 3. I bought 4 tickets for $1,400! Wait, what??

Yup that’s right, I got 4 tickets. I’m going to run an experiment to see if it’s possible to go to NFL games for free, or at the very least, super super cheap. I did the math, and with 7 regular season games, plus 2 preseason games, the tickets come out to about $40 per ticket, per game.  At any other NFL game that I’ve been to, the cheapest tickets in the stadium were selling for $100. The Coliseum is larger and older than most other NFL stadiums, so I’m guessing that will drive the price down for Ram’s games. With this being the first season back in LA though, I’m hoping that there will be some excitement around the team. I’m planning on using 2 of the tickets for me and my girlfriend, and then selling the other 2 on Stubhub. Based on my surveys of Stubhub over the past few weeks, I’m thinking that I can average about $50 per ticket I sell.

Out of the 7 regular season games, my girlfriend and I are able to attend 4 or 5 of them, so we plan on selling all 4 tickets for the 2-3 games we can’t go to. We don’t really want to go to the preseason games, so we’ll sell all 4 of those as well.

If we sell the tickets we are not using ourselves for $50 (which is still a crazy cheap price for an NFL game!), we’ll breakeven on the $1,400. I’m going to write and update a Rams Ticket Experiment Page with how things are going in terms of selling my tickets. Hopefully I can recoup some of my initial outlay!


P.S. You might be wondering why I didn’t get tickets for the Kings. Well, the truth is, I might be! I put in a deposit for Kings tickets back at the same time I did for the Rams. My seat selection time is next week, so I’ll go through the same thought process I went through above to see if it makes sense to buy the season tickets or not.


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